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First issue for year 2021 out now!

In March 2018, BCSSL published its first ever newsletter - 'Krumithuru' (කෘමිතුරු). Mainly focusing on the insect world, it contains articles ranging from scientific writing about butterflies to insect news from around the world.

The purpose of the newsletter is to spread awareness about insects and their conservation among a wider circle while giving the members the opportunity to improve their scientific writing and creative skills. Even though the first edition contains only a handful of articles, we expect to incorporate a variety of articles and other creative content related to insects in future newsletters.

Check out the previous versions here.

A Pocket Guide to the Butterflies of Sri Lanka (Second Edition)

The maiden publication of the BCSSL publications is the Second Edition of the “A Pocket Guide to the Sri Lankan Butterflies”, which was launched in December, 2015. Its first edition was published in 2013.

The Premier members, Himesh Dilruwan Jayasinghe, Chamitha De Alwis and sarath Sanjeewa Rajapakshe; three of the most active personals of BCSSL are the co-authors of this publication.

This book covers all the Sri Lankan butterfly fauna including the latest two additions to the list of butterflies (247 species) and it is a compilation of data of 15 years of field research including both published and unpublished data of other researchers and enthusiasts.

While 600 clear illustrations depict sexual dimorphism and different forms including seasonal forms and mimicries, the descriptions provide key identification characters of species, their sexes, and various forms, while describing especial habits which are helpful in identifying the species.

Larval food plants which the Lepidoptera feed on, in their larval stage are given for 215 species. For each species an icon wise information bar of Distribution Maps, Habitat Preferences and abundance is graphically present.

This book is mainly aimed for the butterfly enthusiasts who do their researches and observations in the outdoor as well as to the beginner nature lovers. It is available at the FOGSL-University of Colombo, Vijitha Yapa Book shops, Expo Graphics, Kiyawana Nuwana, sarasavi Book shops, Lake House Book Shops and barefoot Gallery.

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